2:14 PM

Handstands with daddy

Emery loves it when daddy comes home. They have so much fun together. I can see why having two parents in the home makes for fun happy babies. By the time Ryan gets home she is pretty much done with me (note...since being prego we don't get too much in other than snuggling and reading books together) and ready for some fun wild /time. He taught her how to do a handstand and a summer salt recently and she thought it was the best thing ever. Gotta love daddies.

2:06 PM


We love to go to the park. Emery is such a daredevil and is always scaring me. She loves to go down the big curly slide and swing on the swings. Not too scarey I know, but when she is wanting to always do it by herself it makes my heart leap.

1:52 PM

Where is your shirt??

I went in to get Emery up from bed and found her with her shirt off and a HUGE grin. She has been practicing taking off her clothes and thinks she is so cool when she can run around without them. Not too great when I have to work and she needs to be clothed. I asked her where her shirt was and she said "Oh", turned around and showed it to me. She cracks me up.

1:46 PM

Golf Cart at work

Ok, so I have decided that blogging is like a journal and if you don't keep up on it you can feel overwhelmed with trying to "catch up" so I am not going to play catch up I am just going start from today and maybe stay on top of it. wow that was seriously a run on sentence...def not an english major..haha!

Emery loves loves loves my golf cart at work. It is so fun because we have to check all of the locks on each storage unit everyday and so we either walk or take the golf cart. Lately we have been walking a lot more because I am prego and am trying to get any exersice that I can but each time that we start out into the facility Emery is always saying "Golf cart" Yes, she can say it. It is still a little slurred but she says it clear enough for you to understand what she is saying. She has so much fun driving and looking at everything. Here is a pic with her and Ryan.

1:40 PM

Hiko (Cont.)

1:33 PM

Visit to Hiko

Ryan had a lot of school work and I was missing my fam in Hiko, not to mention that Brian and Alicya were going to be making the trip as well so Emery and I packed up and took a quick trip to Hiko. We had such a fun time. My mom babied me and Emery had an endless supply of attention for the two days that we were there. Emery also created a new best friend. She absolutely adores her uncle Brian. She would snuggle with him and talk to him in her language any chance that she got. It was so funny!