9:30 PM

Baby Hazel

Yesterday we went to have an ultrasound of our newest little one. I am 20 weeks prego and half way there...YIPEE. We had the funnest time. We left Emery with a baby sitter because last ultrasound she cried and cried thinking that I was being hurt by the tech. Ryan didn't even get to enjoy it so this time we learned and left her home. Sad, I know, to not include her but it turned out to be a GREAT experience for Ryan and I and Em had a FANTASTIC time with the sitter. The tech was fantastic. She took so many pictures and even sent us home with a DVD of the whole ultrasound and pics in 4D. I was SO excited. It is such an amazing thing to be able to see your little one before they are born. The tech said that she is perfect and didn't have anything for us to be worried about. Whew.


Lynette said...

Yay for a good experience. And LOVE the name! Too cute!! Can't believe you are half way through!!

The Davis' said...

Such a cute name for your baby!
(I found your blog from Jane's :) )

Anonymous said...

Im so excited for you! cute name! Emery is going to be such a good big sis!