9:20 PM

New Toy

While we were in the store. Emery had to ride this toy. I never realized how tough shopping becomes when your child starts to walk. It definately takes a lot longer than it used to. She jumped on this toy and didn't want to give it up. I couldn't help it because it was so cute and she looked so cute on it so...I bought it.

8:52 PM

Emery's 1st Trip to the Zoo

Emery doesn't like to ride in the stroller anymore so she pushes until she is tired and then I put her in it and she relaxes for awhile and then the cycle starts again.

Today I took Emery to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. It was her first trip to the zoo and we had such a fun time. She really enjoyed the elephants and the giraffes. It was fun to see how big her eyes got when she actually saw the animals in their cages...so cute!!

8:34 PM

My sweet friend, Holly, who also works for Alpine Storage, makes these super cute hats. I went over to visit and she pulled out this hat for Emery. Holly is amazing. She can just sit down and whip out one of these hats in an hour or so...without a pattern...talented, I know. She makes ones with ear flaps and all sorts of fun stuff. She can even make leather shoes...whoa!

8:13 PM

Emery is getting so big. She is starting to get enough hair for me to put a small piggie tail in. I can't help it because it is so cute. I know there is not much and you have to look hard to see it but it is there. Plus I figure I have to start getting her used to having stuff in her hair, right? This Sunday she just looked so grown up to us so I had to take pictures. Then on our way in to church. I said "Look, Emery here comes daddy", say, "Hi, Daddy" and instantly she said "Hi, Daddy". Both Ryan and I were shocked. It just sounds so foriegn coming from her little mouth. Of course, she does talk but it is "Angel talk" as a friend of mine put it. I seriously love being a mommy.